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Due to its valuable secondary plant compounds, red beet is an extremely healthy food. Especially for the most important substances betaine and betanin as well as the plant’s own nitrate, there are numerous scientific publications that impressively verify the health potential. At fermentlife, we transform plants through fermentative changes to make them even healthier and tastier. And at the same time, we increase the bioavailability and bioactivity of its valuable components.

The paste is a sensory highlight, defined by a pleasant sweetness and a harmonious sweetness-acidity ratio. Fermentation-specific notes infuse the paste with unique character. And of course, the paste also has a great, vibrant red color.

But the paste is also unique in terms of its health effect. During fermentation, the cell matrix was opened up, sugar was reduced, important organic acids and short-chain fatty acids and the prebiotic beta-glucan were synthesized. The inactivated bacteria still have beneficial properties for the human intestine. All this characterizes the so-called post-biotic effect.

The paste is thus an unbeatable package for a versatile use in different food applications. As an attractive blending component, it is an innovative trend product that gives other products a taste and health upgrade. And it also meets the consumer trend for a healthier and more natural nutrition.




Fermented red beet paste


Botanical name:

Beta vulgaris


Paste for food applications


Betaine, betanin, plant-derived nitrate, vitamins, minerals, organic acids, short-chain fatty acids, glucans, microorganisms (inactivated)


Fine-dining, spreads, marinades, snacks, bakery products, convenience

Sensory profile:

Beetroot-typical, sweetish, with a harmonious sweetness-acidity ratio and fermentation typical note.


Germany and European Union

Fermented in:


Shelf life:

10 months (at < 10°C)



fermentation gewürze produktauswahl in supermarkt

Perfect addition to spreads and dips, especially as plant-based, vegan or vegetarian alternatives. Works either stand-alone or as a mix.

koeche in grosskueche beim kochen mit fermentierter kurkuma paste

Given its great sensory profile and texture, our red beet paste lends itself perfectly for experimentation in cooking. 

gedeckter tisch mit verschiedenen fermentierten kurkuma aufstrichen

Our fermented red beet paste is an ideal component for different food products, positively influencing the taste, color and texture.

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