Cooperation with Fermedics

Fermedics and Fermentlife by Cellavent Healthcare are joining forces to boost the Fermented Botanicals Market


May 10, 2024 –Fermedics and Fermentlife, a division of Cellavent Healthcare, are joining forces to enhance the development and distribution of fermented botanical ingredients. This collaboration is set to transform the landscape of fermented botanicals by leveraging the combined strengths of both companies in fermentation technology and market reach. This collaboration is more than a partnership; it is a fusion of visions, missions, and core values aimed at harnessing the transformative power of nature using fermentation to promote vitality, well-being, and a deep connection with nature.

Importantly, both Fermedics and Fermentlife will continue to operate as independent entities, preserving their unique brands and operational activities.

Empowering a Health Revolution

By uniting their strengths, Fermedics and Fermentlife are pioneering a new frontier with fermented botanical extracts and nutrients. This collaboration is set to redefine the industry by offering natural, potent, and accessible health solutions that support individual well-being and nurture the microbiome.

Common Goals and Strategic Opportunities

The partnership is grounded in a series of shared goals aimed at:

  1. Accelerating Product Innovation: both companies will combine their expertise to enhance product development and innovate within the field of fermented botanicals.
  2. Capturing New Market Opportunities: by joining forces, Fermedics and Fermentlife will expand their market reach, providing new and existing customers with high-quality fermented products at competitive prices.
  3. Expanding International Reach: the collaboration aims to scale the production and distribution of fermented ingredients, establishing the partners as leaders in the field.

Enhanced Product Offering and Distribution

With this partnership both companies will have the opportunity to enrich their product portfolios by incorporating each other’s branded ingredients. This arrangement not only extends their market presence but also ensures that customers worldwide have access to a broader range of high-quality, fermented botanical products.

Supporting Quotes from Leadership

Benoit Daems , CEO of Fermedics: „This partnership is a powerful combination. By aligning our efforts, we will enhance our capabilities and empower our customers with superior products that support health and nutrition, all while maintaining our independence and individual brand identities „

Marcus Haag, CEO of Fermentlife at Cellavent Healthcare, added, „With Fermedics, we have found a strong, competent partner knowing a lot of potential will be released due to this strategic partnership. Both entities will bring their individual benefits to this cooperation with strengthen the market leadership for fermented products in Europe“

Marcus Haag, CEO of Fermentlife at Cellavent Healthcare, added, „With Fermedics, we have found a strong and competent partner, unlocking significant potential through this strategic partnership. Both parties will contribute their unique strengths to this collaboration, reinforcing our market leadership in fermented products across Europe.”

About Fermedics

Fermedics is pioneering the field of fermented botanicals, by tapping into the ancient wisdom of fermentation to unlock complex nutrients into forms your body can easily absorb and use, making the profound healing properties of medicinal plants accessible and effective for everyone.

 Since 2019, a team of health enthusiasts, scientists, and nature lovers has pursued unlocking nature’s healing properties.

Experience unparalleled efficacy at the metabolic level, with ingredients standardized in active molecules, ensuring lasting health benefits and amplified natural bioactivity.

About Fermentlife by Cellavent Healthcare

Cellavent Healthcare has more than 20 years of experience in the healthcare market. We focus on developing high-quality dietary supplements, functional foods and Phytoliquids – focused on bringing effective natural substances to a next level to achieve superior health advantages for our customers.

At fermentlife®, we combine traditional fermentation with the latest technology to create ingredients that are characterized by a higher level of health efficacy and unique sensory profiles. Aside from nutraceuticals, our new fermented ingredients enhance the health benefits and taste of a wide range of everyday foods. Thus, fermentlife® products are perfectly in line with the long-term consumer trend of healthy nutrition as well as EU-organic certified.

Fermedics will be present at Vitafoods in Geneva from May 14-16 2024

Meet us at booth F234 to discover how we are naturally boosting botanicals by fermentation!


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