fermentlife® Sauerkraut – the German Kimchi

Our “german.kimchi” is a 100% pure, fermented organic sauerkraut powder derived from carefully selected, highly nutrient-rich white cabbage varieties.

In addition to vitamins C and K and several minerals, this product contains a wide array of health-related molecules such as glucosinolates and isothiocyanates. These compounds have been extensively studied for their positive effects on health. A special characteristic of white cabbage is that it contains relevant concentrations of gastro-protective S-methylmethioninesulfonyl- chloride, also known as vitamin U.

With its favorable profi le of bioactive postbiotic compounds due to fermentation, fermentlife® german.kimchi offers now natural synergy between the cabbage‘s own health-related phytochemicals and the postbiotics.

The product supports gut, immune, and overall wellness. With its fl avorful umami-like taste, it is easy to incorporate into various diets and well-tolerated, making it a versatile addition to health-conscious lifestyles.

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