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We develop healthy and great tasting fermented products of the highest quality and functionality.

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We at fermentlife® are committed to developing fermented products that exceed all standards in terms of ingredient quality, functionality, and scientific analytics. Our products are the result of passionate ideas and we’re always looking for better ways to do things. The idea for fermentlife® was borne out of the desire to change the health and organoleptic properties of turmeric. Today, we continue our quest to ferment different botanicals and develop unique products for a healthier world.
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Our values

Our passion for the ancient tradition of fermentation has no bounds. Coupled with an unwavering dedication to health, food and wellness, we are driven to develop exceptional products that benefit human health and provide unique sensory experiences. Our work is defined by research, safety and efficacy, honesty and transparency, as well as a commitment to sustainability.

Focus on safety and efficacy

Science-backed development

Commitment to sustainability

Honesty and transparency

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Working with us

We look for partners who care as much about adding value to people‘s lives as we do. Now that you know more about fermentlife®, feel free to contact us and apply for one of our limited product licenses.

Our Code of Business Ethics

  • We act with integrity, fairness, and transparency
  • We always focus on the needs of our customers
  • We only work with partners who truly care about adding value to people’s lives
  • We never skimp on product quality
  • We support small businesses
fermentlife® is part of Cellavent Healthcare GmbH.
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Thomas Preuss

Cellavent Healthcare GmbH
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