Spice Ingredients

frau auf markt mit kurkuma gewuerzen aus fermentation

Why we ferment spice ingredients?

Fermentation produces unique taste qualities in addition to its health benefits. The organoleptic qualities of food, such as taste, texture, and smell, are altered during the fermentation process. For example, our fermented spice ingredients have developed distinct characteristic flavours. These sensory profiles are ideal for fine-tuning creative recipes and culinary products, but also spreads and dips. Our products may be used in a variety of spices, spice blends, and sauces in powdered or pasty form.


Product Variety

Fermented spice ingredients, such as fermentlife® turmeric, are an ideal basis for enhancing day to day cuisine, and to create fine-dining dishes. Its perfect balance between flavor and texture, easy handling, and shelf-life stability, it can be an ideal component to boost the taste of various spices, seasonings and sauces.






Areas of Use

gewürzauswahl fermentierte produkte in laden

Ideal as a stand-alone spice, a spice mix or seasoning.

schale mit fermentiertem kurkuma brotaufstrich und crackern

Wide range of possible applications for spreads and pastes.

salatschale mit fermentlife kurkuma salatdressing

Ideal for use as an ingredient in sauces of all kinds of tastes.

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