Fermented ingredients for a variety of uses.

schale gefüllt mit kapseln mit fermentierten rohstoffen


Nutritional Supplements

Fermentation alters the concentration of microbiome-promoting compounds and metabolites. We use fermentation to positively change bioactivity parameters to influence anti-inflammatory, immune-modulatory and antioxidant properties.

Our ingredients applications range varies from stand-alone to mixed formulations for all kinds of supplements.


Seasonings & Spices

In addition to its health benefits, fermentation leads to unique sensory profiles. Sometimes it can soften the harsh taste of certain botanicals. Then again, specific desirable flavors are brought out by fermentation. 

Controlling this process is the true fine art of fermentation. Our fermented products are ideal for fine-tuning creative recipes and food products.

verschiedene fermentlife kurkuma gewuerze im ladenregal
mann in bäckereibetrieb mit kurkuma brot


Food & Snacks

Customers today are seeking out healthy foods and natural ingredients. Fermented products meet this demand with their exceptional sensory qualities, nutrient-density and parabiotics.

We design our products with health and taste in mind. This makes fermented botanicals perfect for various applications in baked goods, snacks, spreads and ready-meals.


Pet Food

Fermentation aids in the breakdown of plant-based nutrients, allowing your pet to absorb and utilize more nutrients from them. Due to the complex flavors, fermented products also have a very appetizing effect on animals. Therefore fermented foods are an excellent way to supplement your pet’s diet.
frau fuettert hund fermentierte leckerlies
fermentierte rohstoffe anwendung bei kosmetik hautcreme


Natural Cosmetics

Fermentation within cosmetics is an exciting new field of development. It already has an important place within cosmetics in South Korea. Since fermentation can modify ingredients molecular structure, it may open up a host of new possibilities for product development.

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