Pet Food Ingredients

frau füttert katze mit fermentierten snacks

Why ferment pet food?

Fermentation aids in the breakdown of plant-based nutrients, allowing your pet to absorb and utilize more nutrients from them. Changes in taste have the effect that fermented pet food ingredients are particularly appetising. In addition, during fermentation, the microorganisms create many metabolic by-products that have a positive, health-related impact too. A lot of pets also just love the fresh, slightly sour taste and complex aroma of fermented products.


Product Variety

Fermented foods or fermented pet food ingredients can be used for almost all types of animal feed, snacks and nutritional supplements. In order to gain specific health benefits, botanicals with a desired effect can be fermented to improve their efficacy and bioavailability. Animal food can also be improved in terms of sensory effects.

Dry Food / Snacks


Wet Food



Areas of Use

fröhlicher beagle hund an hundeleine
For cats, dogs and smaller pets in form of snacks, dry and wet food.
landwirt mit kühen und fermentierte futtermittel
As a feed supplement for farm animals (small and large).
junge frau mit pferd auf feld
For horses in form of feed or feed supplements.

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