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fermentlife german.kimchi powder

fermentlife® german.kimchi

  • Rich source of plant based bioactives; glucosinolates, isothiocyanates, vitamins, minerals, fiber
  • Rare source of gastro-protective S-methylmethionine, also known as vitamin U
  • Rich in postbiotic metabolites; e.g. inactivated probiotic bacteria, organic acids, enzymes
  • Significant source of vitamins C, K and fiber

fermentlife® beet

  • Liquid performance optimizer 
  • Powerful health prevention component 
  • Rich in betaine, betanin and inorganic nitrate 
  • 46x less oxalate than fresh beet 
  • Optimum nitrate-oxalate-ratio (8:1) 
fermentlife beet
fermentlife 49 elements

fermentlife® 49 elements

  • Selected diversity blend of 49 herbs for holistic well-being
  • Fermented to enhance bioavailability and efficacy
  • Supports digestive health and supports immune function
  • Anti-inflammatory properties for overall well-being

fermentlife® turmeric

  • Synergistic matrix of numerous bioactive compounds
  • Full-spectrum curcuminoid profile including Tetrahydrocurcumin
  • Parabiotic functionality through inactivated bacteria and EPS
  • Unique, fermentation-induced sensory profile
  • Enhanced solubility and bioavailability
fermentlife turmeric

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