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junge asiatische sportlerin lächelnd im grünen feld

Why do we ferment nutrition ingredients?

Fermented botanicals provide a range of health benefits. The fermentation process alters the concentration of microbiome-promoting compounds and metabolites, and can positively change many functional parameters. Our nutrition ingredients have a free-flowing consistency, are shelf-stable, and can therefore be used as a stand-alone health product or as a supplement in a variety of formulations. Applications range from powders, capsules, and pills, to liquids and powders.


Product Variety

Fermented nutrition ingredients, such as fermentlife® turmeric, make for an ideal nutraceutical. From improving the bioavailability of herbs, enhancing their efficacy to improving their stability. Fermentation therefore offers many ways to supercharge medicinal plants and compounds.






Areas of Use

frau haelt dose mit nahrungsergaenzungsmittel aus fermentierten rohstoffen
Wide range of possible nutraceutical products in the form of capsules or tablets, either stand-alone or as part of a formulation.
granola schale mit bananen und fermentiertem kurkuma
Perfect product to boost healthy snacks and breakfast as a topping on joghurt, granola or fruit bowls.
glas mit goldener milch und fermentlife kurkuma
Ideal as a powdered product for use in healthy drinks and teas such as Golden Milk or Curcuma Chai.

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