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Why we ferment food ingredients?

Fermentation creates distinct, perfectly balanced taste profiles, which can turn any food into a new taste sensation. The fermentation process changes organoleptic properties, such as taste, texture, and smell. Our fermented food ingredients have developed amazing new flavors, which is ideal for all types of foods. In powdered or pasty form, our products can be utilised in a variety of convenience foods, bread, spreads, and more. But besides taste, fermentation also offers a range of health benefits, which enables you to really upgrade your product! 


Product Variety

Fermented botanicals, such as fermentlife® turmeric, are an ideal basis for enhancing many foods, from baked goods, to spreads, dips and convenience foods.

Baked Goods

Ready Meals


Healthy Snacks


Areas of Use

selbst gebackenes brot mit fermentierter kurkuma paste
Experiment with our powders and pastes for a whole new take on different baked goods.
schale mit fermentiertem kurkuma brotaufstrich und crackern
Upgrade any spread or create a new fermentation-based taste explosion.
convenience foods mit fermentlife turmeric
Ideal for applications in convenience foods and healthy snacks.

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